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Who we are

Purveyors of fun and happiness

Wow! What a party!

This business was created during lockdown and my goodness its been an incredible journey. 

After a beautiful baby rocking my world, it was time to say goodbye to twenty something years working for corporate companies, and do my own thing.  I studied Art (many years ago) and have always been creative, so being able to utilise those skills and talents, after all these years, has been a joyful experience. 

A 'socially-distanced-in-between-Lockdown's-street-party' is how I discovered the wonderful world of balloons and what a versatile medium they are to use, and what a fabulous industry it is to be involved in.

After the tumultuous couple of years we have all had it has been wonderful to be a source of joy and happiness for so many people who couldn't celebrate the way they had planned. From welcoming new babies into the world through to a lady who was 101 years old, I have keenly felt the personal stories behind all of my customer's orders, and seen with my own eyes, the tears of joy that balloons really do create. 

It has been a privilege to be part of your stories, and as this wonderful business continues to evolve, we have taken on a stunning new premises, launched our beautiful 'Feast' Platter range, our Concierge gift wrapping service, Workshops, Prop Hire service, and Full Event set up Packages,  I am extremely excited for what this next year will see us achieve. 

I am very proud of the loyal customer base that we have built over this past year, and am looking forward to introducing our fabulous products and services to more new customers in the coming months. Our aim is to continue to astonish you and we cant wait to share the journey. 

Thank you for your continued support, 


Our Clients

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